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International Teaching Diploma (ITD) is a Teacher's Training Diploma program designed by London College Of Teachers LCT (UK) (LCT (UK)) for all teaching aspirants seeking an international level course that will allow them to work in Primary, Montessori, and Nursery institutions worldwide.

The ECIS Preparing for International Teaching Certificate (PITC) helps instructors improve intercultural awareness and global competency skills and knowledge. Modules end with assessments.

The primary benefit of an international teaching certificate is adaptability to modern international teaching. When placed in a classroom anywhere in the world, you readily adapt to their teaching methods.

Helping International Education
International educators facilitate physical exchanges and enhance understanding through all levels of school. Top college and university administrators internationalize their campuses in several ways.

  • Integrating Technology in Education: The Future...
  • Classroom Engagement Sparks Learning.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork: Partnership Power.
  • Communication: Connection Power.
  • Success Starts with Classroom Management.

Candidates will receive internationally recognized certifications right after completing the course successfully.

No, there isn't a test. The candidates are reviewed as part of a continuous assessment that is conducted throughout the course, and feedback is offered based on that evaluation to help the candidates identify their areas for improvement.

Sure, you do. You receive a certificate that has been approved by internationally recognized awarding bodies, and it will be recognized by all pre- and primary schools, as well as Montessori and nursery facilities, all over the world.

As they will lead you through the course and assist you at every turn, our instructors will provide you with ongoing assistance.

International Teaching Diploma with specialization in Pre & Primary, Montessori, and Nursery teachers training is for those seeking an international career in these fields. This training allows one to serve 2–12-year-olds.

Yes, you can undoubtedly teach kindergarten and nursery pupils in a Montessori setting because it is a component of the pre-school system itself.

For the Diploma Level course duration is 240 hours/12 months and for PG Diploma level 360 hours/18months

Anyone who has completed the 10+2 level may apply for the course. This course might give you a fantastic career option if you have graduated from high school or college. By enrolling in these programs, working teachers can also improve their instructional abilities.

This program has gained recognition across the globe and is accepted everywhere. After receiving certification from the London College Of Teachers LCT (UK), one can teach in India and overseas.

Yes, after the candidates successfully complete the course, we offer 100% placement aid to our students.




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